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 Rohr Riverside Stories

This Rohr Riverside webpage features names and stories, and we will continue to add more so keep checking back.


Kitty D. Battles Poole
Kitty was born on February 25, 1932, in Alamosa, Colorado. She worked as a Shortage Control Clerk in Production Control, getting parts out of storage and shipping them to various departments. In the 1960s she married Don Poole twice in Las Vegas.
Kitty was employed at Rohr for 17 years before retiring in 1970. She passed away August 4, 1994, at the age of 62.
Sources: obituary; Bob Poole; Clark County Nevada Marriage Inquiry Index
Written by Sue Poole.

Arthur Eugene 'Gene' Bishop
Riverside, Trim and Drill, 1961 - 1963

Arthur Eugene 'Gene' Bishop was born in Kern County, California in 1943. He worked at Rohr between 1961 and 1963 in the Trim and Drill Department. His job was to clean off the burrs from parts that had been drilled and to pull parts. After being laid off for a time, he wound up back at Rohr working in the Metal Bond Department making $75 a week, $80 a week with overtime. He worked swing shift and graveyard during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He also played in a Rohr midnight bowling league. He has been in the insurance business since 1966, and he currently lives in Reno, Nevada.
Written by Sue Poole


Ellen Rasmussen
My mother worked at Rohr in the early 50's. I'm not sure what her job was but she talked about riveting. I remember her bringing home a few broken pieces of asbestos that she let me cut into hot pads for the dining room table. Her name was Ellen Rasmussen. We lived on Olivewood Avenue when there were orange groves all over and no interstates. Maybe someone will remember her.
Submitted by Dave Rasmussen (2/24/09)


William H. Scott
I worked for Rohr in Riverside, Ca. from 21 Aug., 1958 to 22 Jan., 1959 I quit to join the Navy which I did on 4 Feb., 1959 and was on active duty til 18 Jan.,1963.
My Rohr I.D. Number was 79214. I worked in Dept. 44, my job code was 4243. My job classification was Band Trimmer and Drill. When I first went work for Rohr I attended a class that taught us how to rivet. After class I worked for a period making engine covers for B-52 Bombers then was transferred to the night shift and became a Band Trimmer and Drill.  
Submitted by William H. Scott (20 August 2010)


Cecil Ray "Pat" Totten
Assembler and Engineer, Rohr Riverside, 1958-1963

Pat was born December 6, 1938 in Riverside, California. He attended Jurupa Junior High in Riverside, which was three grades back then, 7th, 8th, and 9th. Pat attended the old Poly High School (now RCC) in Riverside, which was 10th, 11th, and 12th grades, graduating in 1957. He attended Riverside City College on a football scholarship. The Tuxie's Drive in on Magnolia was a popular hangout, it had really good chili dogs and french fries. He started working at Rohr during his summers off from college. He began working full time at Rohr in 1958, the same year he married his high school sweetheart. He worked as an Assembler and an Engineer, on the day shift. When Rohr began sending their Engineers to the Chula Vista plant in 1963, he left Rohr and went to work at Bournes because he wanted to stay in Riverside. He died December 15, 1994 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sources include: Social Security Death Index
Written by Sue Poole.

BETH--Bush-Lightfeldt- (now RICHARDS)
Retired in 1995 after 30 years in Production Control. Beth’s Parents were "Big Chris" and Lucile Christopher and were Rohr Retirees. Working as Assembler & Sealer. They have both passed away now. Other Rohr Family Retirees were: Ex Husband, Bill Bush, Foley, Al. Paul & Lois Christopher, Otis & Mary Christopher, Marvin (Jim) & Sarah Hardister, then on Lucile’s side; Guy Whitener and Leroy Whitener. Also, Lois’ Father, Mr. Bagwell worked there. All are deceased now except Lois and Bill. Beth & Bill, had one Son, Kevin while stationed in Izmir, Turkey. Their second Son Eric was born while stationed at Vandenberg AFB, Ca. before returning to Riverside and their Rohr life. After retiring, Beth started to travel and worked at the Janet Goeske Senior Center in Riverside in the Travel Dept. for seven years. It was because of travel that she met and married Edwin Richards. They now have traveled to 47 Countries and plan to add four more this year. Rohr was a very caring Company of it’s employees; offering evenings at Disneyland, picnics in the mountains and Christmas parties at the old Fox Theatre for the children. She had always heard that Pappy Rohr believed in "Family" and it showed. Beth is very thankful to Rohr for the life it attributed her and her Family. Saying it was a great place to work and the co-workers made it so enjoyable. She misses the people, but enjoys this new phase of her life and wishes the best for the co-workers still working at B. F. Goodrich.
Submitted by Beth Richards.



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