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 People from Rohr

Almer, Al - Riverside, Shipping Dept, Material Cutting Dept, August 1, 1955 - February 1993
Altvater, Paul - Riverside, Dept. 072, 30 years
Anderson, Fred - Riverside
Austin, Jess - Georgia plant
Bailey, Bob - Riverside
Barnes, Charlie - Riverside

Barto, Lawrence D. - Riverside
Beahan, G.L. "Jack" - Chula Vista

Beardsley, Joe - First Shift, Chula Vista, 1943-45?
Beardsley, Vera - Chula Vista, 1943-45?
Beddington, Bill
- Chula Vista
, 50s - 80s
Bishop, Gene - Riverside, Trim and Drill, 1961-1963
Bledsoe, Bob - Riverside
Bledsoe, R.C. -
Riverside, General Foreman, Assembly
Bolles, Maudie - Chula Vista
Bolles, Ray - Chula Vista
Bradley, Dick - Riverside

Carreño, Isabelle (Carlota Cipriana) - Chula Vista
Cassel, Dick - Riverside

Manuel - Chula Vista
Christopher, Clayburn "Big Chris"

Cooper, Bob - Riverside
Cooper, RB - Riverside
Dowding, Tom - Riverside, Arlington, Edgemont, Heber Springs, Foley, Auburn, Sheridan, Chula Vista & Fairhope
Flanders, Norman "Bud" - Chula Vista, if you have any photos or info please email Gwen Flanders at

Glen, Johnny - Riverside
Gutierrez, Sandy - Riverside and Edgemont
Hines, Rolland - Riverside

Hobel, James L. -
Holomon, Jake - 1950s, Chula Vista
Hooker, Marlene - Riverside

Hooker, Ron - Riverside, Maintenance, Sheet Metal, Supervisor, 1956 - 1990

Hubbard, Freeman - Chula Vista
Johnson, Bob - Riverside
Johnson, Earl "Oink" - Tooling Inspector, 1955-1988
Keheley, Mike - Riverside, Tooling Supervisor, 1969, 1980 - 1992
Kirkpatrick, Doug - Riverside
Kitchen, Edith - Riverside
Kitchen, John - Riverside, Maintenance Department, Supervisor 1952, 7 years

Kitchen, Sharon - Spares Department, Riverside, 1960
Kitt, Dennis - Riverside, Moreno Valley
Kurtz, Walter J. - Riverside
Kupcha, Joe - Riverside
Lewis, Curt - Riverside 
Lewis, Janet - Riverside
Lewis, Jay - Riverside
Lundberg, Wayne -
Sr. Mfg. Research Engr. 
Lynch, Nick - Riverside, Supervisor, 1957-1994

Mansker, Jacob "Jake" - Chula Vista, purchasing, Correction Action Chief, - 1989
Mansker, Linda Dutcher - Chula Vista, Man-Tech, Systems Procedure Analyst in Tool Design, 1988-1993

Manuel, Cliff - Winder and Chula Vista
McKenzie, Glenn - Riverside & Chula Vista, Jig and Builder 'A', Department Leadman
McKenzie, Glenn L. - Riverside and Chula Vista, 1950s
McKenzie, Ione - Riverside & Chula Vista
McKenzie, Wayne - Riverside & Chula Vista, Tool and Die Department, Leadman, Assistant Foreman
Michaels, Mike - Riverside
Mitchell, Tom - Riverside

Moilanen, Jacob - Chula Vista
Mostaghimi, Max - Riverside, 1986-1991,
Manufacturing Engineer Sr.
Myatt, WillieLee Goff - Fresno, 1943 or 1944
Nelson, Joseph Charles - Chula Vista, 1952
. If you have any information about Joseph please email his grandson at
Nutt, Charles William "Bill" - Chula Vista

Pedersen, Richard R. "Pete" - Chula Vista, Punch Press Operator "A" and Foreman
Peters, William "Bill" A. - Supervisor, Chula Vista
Picherri, Louis - Riverside
Pfrunder, C. J. - Foreman Assembly, Riverside
Pfrunder, Charlie - Riverside

Poole, Bob - Riverside, Quality Assurance, Floor Inspections, and Supervision, 1953-1986

Poole. Chuck - Riverside, Riveter, 1952-1958
Poole, Don - Riverside and Chula Vista, Tool and Die Maker, 1953-1970

Poole, Jean - Riverside, Office Clerk, 30 years
Poole, Joyce - Riverside, Paint Shop
Poole, Kitty D. Battles - Riverside, Shortage Control Clerk, 1953-1970
Popplewell, Eugene "Gene" - Riverside
Potter, Ray - Riverside
Rasmussen, Ellen -
Ratchford, Walt - Chula Vista, Riverside
Reeder, Homer - Chula Vista - if you have any photos or information on Homer his granddaughter would love to hear from you
Reeder, Don - Chula Vista - if you have any photos or information on Don his daughter would love to hear from you.
Richards, Beth Bush Lightfeldt - Riverside
Robinson, Charlie - Riverside
Robinson, Pat - Riverside
Rohr, Fred - Founder and President
Rye, Jay - Riverside
Seay, Ed - Riverside
Sorenson, Dale - Riverside, Tooling Welder, 1957-
Soria, Bernie -
Scott, William H. -
Stewart, JW - Riverside
Stringer, Ray - Riverside
- Riverside

Stout, John - Riverside
Stull, Paul D. - Chula Vista, 50s-70s
Thomas, Zig - Riverside
Thompson, Zeke - Riverside
Totten, Pat - Riverside
Trimbull, Don - Riverside
Turnbull, Don - Riverside
Van Hulle, Jerry - Riverside, Technical Specialist; Standard Tool Engineer, Senior; 40 years
Van Hulle, LuAnn - Riverside, Maintenance Activity Coordinator, 1978-1992
Varela, Don - Riverside
Vanderpool, Cliff - Riverside
Wagress, Red - Riverside
Warters, Richard J. "Dick" - Vice President, Chula Vista
Whitehead, George - Riverside
Witbeck, Bill
Witbeck, Pat
Woodward, Phil - Riverside

Zahlis, Elsie Krum - Fresno, 1940s
Zapata (Sanchez),
Juana - Chula Vista, Riveter


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