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Rohr Riverside Photo Gallery
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30 Year Anniversary. Pictured from left row, Vic Saliture, David Garcia, R.B. Cooper, Joe Guida, Loney Brown, Dick Fortune. Second row, E.V. Daniel, Ernie Rees, Bob Poole, Bill Thuma, Bill Jones, Paul Altvater. Source: Rohr News Mid-Feb. 1983

Spot Weld Department. #4 Don Poole, #7 Charlie Pfunder, #8 Zig Thomas, #9 Louis Picherri. Photo: DT Poole Family Private Collection.

BUSINESS EDUCATION DAY ... ROHR AIRCRAFT CORPORATION, RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA --- NOVEMBER 10, 1955 -- From the top - First row: (1) George Whitehead, (2) Don Trimble, (5) Bob Bledsoe- Personnel Manager; Second row: (3) Joe Kupcha, Fourth row: (2) Charlie Barnes, (3) Bill McClendon. Can you help us with the other names? Photograph courtesy C. Vanderpool.

720 Nose Cowl manufactured at the Riverside plant. Photo: DT Poole Family Private Collection.

FUNCTIONAL TEST AND RECEIVING INSP. Front row: (1) John Stout, (3) Tom Mitchell, (7) Ed Burkhardt, Middle row: (3) Joe Kupcha, Top row: (4) Fred Anderson, (5) Mike Michaels, (6) Bob Johnson, (9) Bob Bledsoe, () Doug Kirkpatrick, Don Trimbull, ---date unknown. Photograph courtesy C. Vanderpool.

V2500 Support Team. Photograph courtesy of Tom Dowding.

Aerial view of Rohr Riverside 1955. Photograph courtesy of Earl Johnson.

Rohr Riverside during the 1970s. Courtesy of Art Costanzo.

Aerial view of Riveside. Date unknown.

Facilities Group. Summer 1992. Photo includes: Front row: #3 Don Peters, #5 Lu Ann Van Hulle . Courtesy of Art Costanzo.

Rohr Riverside at night. Courtesy of G. Popplewell.

Great Events. Rohr Riverside Open House. Photo includes: The Van Hulle Family (bottom left). Source: Rohr Newsletter.

R.C. Bledsoe, General Foreman, Assembly, Rohr Riverside

C. J. Pfrunder, Foreman Assembly, Rohr Riverside

Riverside plant, circa 1982.

Rohr Riverside. Left to Right: Bob Bailey, Dick Bradley, Dick Cassel, Phil Woodward, Don Varela, Ray Potter. Do you know when this photo was taken?

Rohr Riverside aerial 1982. Greater Riverside Business Supplement, September 1982.

Outstanding Department Award - Project Save. Front row left to right - 1 - RB Cooper (supervisor on strut line), 2 - J. W. Stewart, 3. Bob Bledsoe, 4. name unknown, 2nd row - left - Zeke Thomas, right - name unknown, Back row - 1- Ed Seay, 2. Stroup, 3. Don Turnbull, 4 - Jay Lewis, 5 - Don Trimble, 6 - Jerry Van Hulle, 7 - John Glenn (plant manager), 8 - Ray Stringer 9 - Red Wagness, 10 - Jim Rye. Courtesy of Jerry Van Hulle, 2022.

Rohr Riverside aerial view 1955. Greater Riverside Business Supplement, September 1982.

Clayburn "Big Chris" Christopher wrote a note on this photo "FIT CHK #1 747Q" - a fit check on the first 747 airplane. Courtesy of Beth Richards.

Front row: #2 John Steiger, #6 Bob Bledsoe; 2nd Row: #1 Tommy Wheat; Red Wagness (2nd from far right, wearing a tie), date unknown.

View of Rohr Riverside's Hall of Giants building. Submitted by Dominic Sandoval, March 6, 2013.

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